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Gun In Your Hand Lyrics

Rx Bandits – Gun In Your Hand Lyrics

from album: Halfway Between Here And There (1999)
Hey whatcha doin?
With that gun in your hand?
Now who ya skrewin?
Gonna kill your old man.
Who gave you the right to play god here?
Shootin missles at the countries of the people that did no wrong.
There's a little mama san with her baby in her cradle cryin'
Singin why the fuck can't we just get along?
Hey whatcha thinkin?
Holding money behind your back.
You, you must be drinking.
Gonna give yourself a heart-attack
We can't fight all night!
Well you won't see me on that fucking front line
I ain't gonna kill no stranger and I ain't gonna do time
Because it's 1, 2, 3 that's an innocent life
Oh and little sister, sister where's your brother today?
I wish that I could tell you that he's gonna be ok
But I can't and I won't tonight.
I can see a soldier marching off to war.
Does he know what he is fighting for?
Another soldier gone off to attack
But will he come back?
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