I'm at the beach and I'm all alone, ooh
Sand fills the gap in my toes, ooh
Where the wind blows, no one really knows, ooh
Forgot how it is so tell me how it goes

Under the night sky
Feeling the breeze against my skin
Under the moonlight

I wish that you are here with me
Feeling the waves again
Pretend to be who we want to be
All over again

These faces can't compare to you
The feeling I get when I am with you
Why'd you leave and make me feel that I was wrong to fall for you
Now I regret I've ever felt this way

The city lights don't help how I feel, ooh
Counting the days 'till I feel those waves again
I crash in my bed and wish that I forget you
Forget you
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Forget You Lyrics

Rusty Machines – Forget You Lyrics

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