I can feel no pain
I'm a man with an empty mind
Fulfil Your needs, watch me bleed

Another day the same
Pure hatred makes me blind
It's hard to breathe, so hard to breathe

No more crying you said to win the game
Consciense dying but I just can't kill the pain

'Cause everything I love just turns to ashes
I believe I'm born to lose it all
Even things I can't recall
The world keeps turning me away day after day
I'm too weak to make you stay
Make you stay away from me

Broken memories
They haunt me every night
I stay awake, I stay awake

Even friend feel like enemies
I don't know what's wrong or right
I'm about to break, I'm too tired to fake

Silence kills me - can't find the words to say
Cold and empty - the price is too hard to pay

'Cause everything...
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Stay Away Lyrics

Rust – Stay Away Lyrics