I wouldn't give a bean to be a fancy pants Marine;
I'd rather be a dogface soldier like I am.
I wouldn't trade my old ods for all the Navys dungarees,
For I'm the walking pride of Uncle Sam.

On Army posters that I read
It says "Be All That You Can",
So they're tearing me down
To build me over again!
I'm just a dogface soldier
With a rifle on his shoulder,
(ending #1) And I eat raw meat for breakfast every day.
So feed me ammunition,
Keep me in the 3rd Division
Your dogface soldier boys okay
(repeat to "On Army Posters..." then ending #2)
I wouldn't trade my heart for
Anything ya' got for
I'm Dogfae Soldier you. S. A.
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Dogface Soldier Lyrics

Russ Morgan Chorus – Dogface Soldier Lyrics

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