Lost (Get Over Yourself)

Verse 1
Here's the part where I take back everything I've said
All of the things I said that went straight to your head.
Glad to see that I'm so forgettable to you.
If only it could be that easy for me too.

I'm jaded
And you are overrated.

I'm lost somewhere between the butterflies and alibis.
I'm not surprised you've gotten lost between the lies.
And you want me to get over it?
Well, how about you get over yourself.

Verse 2
He likes to run his mouth.
Misery loves his company.
He won't go down unless he's got a hold of me.
Perfectly planned, yeah.
Jealousy loves his make-believe.
Believe what you want.
I'm not saying sorry.

I'm jaded
And you are overrated.

Repeat chorus

I may mean nothing to you now
But when I'm something to the world
You'll be dead to me.

Repeat chorus
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Lost (Get Over Yourself) Lyrics

Running With Giants – Lost (Get Over Yourself) Lyrics

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