Cain born one restless summer
Ivy creeping thick into the fields
Eve had her darling Abel
As one autumn curled into a dream

And a heavy voice fell silent in the west

Cain watched his mother hold
Sweet Abel to her breast
Clear eyes turned clouds of envy
Snake had wrapped it's tongue around his throat.

And a voice it started rising from the fields

Cold morning
Swept the cornfields
Cain and Abel
Barefeet running
Keen eyes
A fire is asking
What's beyond the distant mountainside
The boneyard calling night

One long and heartless winter
Snowstorm howled like wolves and shook the door
Eve calmed her crying children
Sang about a garden she had known

Oh a voice was laid to rest beneath the snow

Old brothers tilled the fields
As Cain's first love walked past
She flashed a smile at Abel
Cain had caught it
With a jealous eye

And a voice it whispered devils from the dust

Late evening
Touched the hilltops
Cain called Abel
From the barnyard
Cain took his
Father's hatchet
Sank it's edge
Into his brother's chest
A fire raged in the west

Cain fled, his barefeet running
Crossed the mountainside
Cain, there's nothing here
But boneyards calling night

And a voice it sank away into regret

Eve cradled in her arms
Her baby Abel shivering on the ground
He asked her sing the one
About the garden that I never knew

And her voice it started rising from the grass

White starlight
Fills the garden
Cain and Abel
Barefeet running
Soft warmth
A fire is asking
Please forgive me
For that mountainside
I let it take your life
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Cain And Abel Lyrics

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