Limp hand outstretched.
Desperate to touch the hand of god.
Lambs worth of negating and breaking the seals.
Wounds that once caused their death.
Bursts of light flash forth.
Crowns of gold melt into the eyes of kings.
Echoes of time forgotten.
The higher ground shakes with inevitability-inducing this fall.
Collapsed, smoldering empires and dawns markings.
The caress of seven angels.
To be all and end all...
The burning of Babylon.

Merchants weeping.
Abominations of earth.
Not a leaf rustles.
Oceans as smooth as glass.
Winds of the four corners silenced.
Nature's affectionate answer to our neglect.

Blessings of power and riches revoked.
Blood spills of every kindred and tongue.
Thunderous utterances. The revelation.
The sun smitten. The moon and stars darkened.

Locusts unleashed.

Words that were not revealed.

The burning of Babylon.
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Babylon Burning Lyrics

Rune – Babylon Burning Lyrics