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You Know What I'm Saying Lyrics

Run-D.M.C. – You Know What I'm Saying Lyrics

With "you know what I'm sayin'" sample throughout

You must be outta your mind
What do ya think you're doin' here
20 years gone by, and you still don't know why
When there was a day one, there was a dj Run
And when you think of days way back, there was a Daryl Mac
And before you had a ghetto blaster,
There really was a Jam Master
Kid kracker, that's me, yo Kid Rock,
Come show the unknown what you think is what

(Kid Rock)
What chyall do is just in a legend
Been rhymin' since the age of eleven
I know the records so I'm goin' to heaven
Seven and I'm rollin eleven

Beats platinum popper your copper
You rock a Benz but I got a chopper
Sayin' this thing over and over
You think I'm playin, but I'm not so I'll say it again

I'm say only you know what I'm sayin'
Playin' what you think I'm playin'
Rollie while my hommie is Joey
The problem is y'all think that you know me
Never have I ever been better
Mad cause I'm tougher than leather
Sunny on the story is whether you know what I'm sayin
I'm the king and I'm rulin' forever

Yeah, you better believe Hip-hop and rock does exist
And before you cross that off the list,
You better get yourself some of this
And you can wish til your eyes bleed
But you know what I mean
And this stuff aint never been so mean
So you better come clean before you can't come at all
'cause once you start to spit
You can bet your ass you're gonna fall
I said you can bet your ass you're gonna fall (why why why why)

(Kid Rock)
Why the hell yall rappers be frontin'
Don't publish shit that points to you know nothin
That rollie must be borrowed or somethin'
And when I roll up like this I been huntin'
Feedin' up a bunch for a million
Thinkin' that your makin' a killin'
Now the day is over no moanin'
Y'all sucker's sober that your checkin'
Out a certain feelin'
What happened to those couple of hoes
Damn you and you payin' them hoes
And that wasn't complementray mode
It's like that and that's the way that it goes, bitch

While you busy sleepin, Run dmc is busy eatin'
Steaks, shrimp, Lobster up in Maine
Champaign from L. A. To Spain
Detroit to Texas
Nobody checks us
New moves
And you can't see it
You better get some glass 'cause it's
Run dmc n
Or Jam Master Jay n
Lets playin'
'cause if you don't say it
Some one else will
Who sport this bill

******Need some help here...
Do you hear the beats up to the ceiling
Brooklyn all the way to New Zealand
Harlem all the way to Jamaica
Run's up in your Bodega
Queen's, and

To the playa's in

All your hustlers in Memphis

Livin' up in tenament buildings

Uh huh and we all say none
And there'll be no more
From shore to shore
Coast to coast
Run dmc, Jam Master Jay, Kid Rock, Kracker
Chillin' in most
Chillin' aint nobody illin'
We walk this line
And contrary to popular belief
Real stars do shine
And from behind
So lets rip
No shots
We hot on this hustle
Thanks for comin' out
God bless
Good night like Russell (wha wha wha wha)

Dmc: wha wha wha wha wha

Wha wha wha wha wha

Wha wha wha wha wha
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