So go run and hide, you're not safe in my sights
And another day dies
I've been on the hunt for years
Your death will bring me clarity
And peace of mind
I'm not far behind

And when you die
It's not too late to kill the coroner

You don't know why I want to kill you
It's nothing more than a game to me
I have got a bullet with your name on it
You can't keep running forever

I've been sitting on the edge of humanity
What is one life to another?
I have spent my whole life hunting everything
And now it's just you and me
It's not that I'm inhuman
It's just that I've become bored

And when the sun goes down
I'm not far behind (I've killed again)
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The Hounds Of Zaroff Lyrics

Ruins Of Tomorrow – The Hounds Of Zaroff Lyrics