One bright day I was sitting
In my room and thinking of my yesterday
Something sparkled and my sight caught
A little shade in a light, like butterfly

Where could this butterfly be from?
I thought and tried to catch it up by my mind
In a moment my bytterfly disappeared
And I smiled. How can I be so naive?
"Fly, fly away" - I said to my yesterday
My little shadow, I won't go astray
"Fly, fly away", there's nothing for it could delay
I could give all my life if it could just stay

Now just think what you could give
If you could return time back and live it once more
You would make many things different
From what you've done before, done before

But what our life would be if we couldn't
Dream at all? We would just not live
Dream your dreams, live your lifes and always know
We have to take what this day will give
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My Yesterday Lyrics

Ruination – My Yesterday Lyrics