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Shoot 'em In Tha Head Lyrics

Ruff Ryders – Shoot 'em In Tha Head Lyrics

(Styles P)
Fuck all these niggaz, if you ask me who
I'll answer back anybody you can think of
I'm S.P. bitch, I'm the boss of boss
I talk arrogant and me and guys link up
And these is more than words, if you feel like the songs is to you
Then it probably is, If I can't getta long witcha
Then I'm gon' hit 'cha, All in ya face and ya body kid
H-O-L-I-D-A, -Y Styles, hit somethin by trial
I'm the nigga to hate, and when it's time to merk something bitch
WHAT! I'm on time in my job and I ain't never been late
If there's beef in the hood
A nigga like P can't sleep 'til I'm good
'Cause somebody dead
This 4/5 gotta hit somebody head
I'm all up in the safe takin' somebody bread

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Shoot 'em in the head
Shoot 'em in the face or the chest
Then shoot 'em in the waist or the neck
Then shoot 'em in the gut or the mouth
Then shoot 'em in the back and don't stop 'til the blood runnin out

(Styles P)
Guess I gotta burn down bridges, and break down rocks
And come through and let this tre pound pop
You all grown now
And I don't care if you from home town
I'll put a slug in the dome clown
'Cause most of these rappers is talk
I'm the nigga in the back of the court
Wit 5 L's and a 1/2 of a quart
By 7 o' clock I'm stone cold drunk, wit a blunt and a 2yr old pump
Boulgin' out my pant leg
I'll put it out and make ya man beg
And shoot 'em anyway
Y'all niggaz penny weight
Niggaz like me just do what the semi say
Any way we can do it any where any day
I'm Paniero bitch, I ain't the nigga you play hero wit
End up dead, Ya t-shirt look white it's gon end up red
And my dogs look hungry they gon' end up fed BITCH!


I'm hope you lookin' forward to die
Hope you wanna look the lord in the eye
Hope you ready for this muthafuckin' shot to ya head
Or this sword in ya eye
You the shit I'm the +Lord of the Flies+
If you got beef say it now, bitch niggaz
So I can load up and come toward you wit nines
I spray you and ya man
The coup and the van
The office and the studio where ever you stand
I don't wanna be the king of the coast
Feds watchin' me and you gotta stay low when you bring in the dope
Gotta look a lil' dirty when you swingin the toast
If you say the guy name, I'll be ringin ya throat
I don't rap about niggaz
But I do like to cock back hit'em the chest
And blow the back up outta niggas
Ya man is pussy? I'mma play wit 'em
Look at ya nigga POP! POP! POP! now lay wit 'em

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