I pulled the plug
And watched You fade away
- You lacked the guts
On trust You spat in spite of all I gave
Watch Your step bitch- the line is crossed

The last cold drop you spewed upon the feeding hand
It's understood
The line is laid
The cards are seen
The towel thrown
You're on your own

Carving the way for the coming of I
Bewinged like a bullet- arisen and freed
A four headed beast in united facade
Beneath all the armour the beast still roars

Vendetta in the name of justice
Vendetta is the fucking cost
I spewed fire when you thought I was gone
I learned that it's
Dog eat Dog

Thru the bars of the cage around your mind
You can see beauty and the rays of the sun
A coin here and there, and the treasure's home
Like a raven you take what you don't own

Without the gold your clay lose shape like dirt in the rain
Use your clay to heal the hell you built for pain
Your alchemy of playing god is firin' back
The best known move of defence is

Chorus x2
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A Step Too Far Lyrics

Rudhira – A Step Too Far Lyrics

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