You say I never get our story right anymore
I'm not a liar, I'm forgetful and I leave an open door
I remember your gold lamé
You said you liked it when the audience looked your way
Babe, you're not mad anymore
Heard you're no longer a matador

We're barred in Barcelona and on the Lower East
You were always the savior, I was always the beast
And I know you told me not to call
But they turned Las Arenas into a shopping mall
I hope you're not mad anymore
'Cause you're my favorite matador

Catalonia, put me in the ring
I was never one for shoe-gazing
(Hey) I'm still in love, I'm still so much in love
It's a damn shame
(Hey) I keep hoping you're gonna show up
And call me by my bullfighting name
By my bullfighting name
My bullfighting name

I remember your dismay
(Hey) When even the meanest turned their heads away
I'm not a bull anymore
You're no longer a matador
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The Matador Lyrics

Ruby Rose Fox – The Matador Lyrics