It's been 100 years in the makin'
I still can't believe your gone
Things happen for a reason
But I gotta ask
What is the reason for me to lose you

I was so young
I can't remember what I've done
I'm sorry
But you may be gone
But somehow your still here
I dream of your presence all the time
You may be gone
Into the stars
But your enchantment
Will stay forever
Oh oh forever
Oh oh into the stars
Oh oh will stay
Oh oh forever

It's not fair that your gone
Tell me I need to know
What is the reason
For you to go

I am dreamin'
Of the reason
Why oh why
I still don't know
I've been searchin
I've been yearnin
Why your all the way up above

Oh oohhhhh
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You May Be Gone Lyrics

Ru-ben – You May Be Gone Lyrics