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Get'cha Paper Lyrics

Royce da 5'9" – Get'cha Paper Lyrics

(feat. Tre Little)

Rock City is the anthem
This one is the theme
My nigga Trey

Detroit came up, you know we hot
30 years done became a big lot
600s on chrome, you don't stop
Detroit we just hot

[Royce Da 5'9'']
My flow switch go, pop like a pistol
Shit, don't stop, it's so hard
How many times must I tell you how I do?
How many times must I prove how I do?
You, get six million ways to die, choose one
Or, who ya, you can get one assigned to ya
Hows about to thump, when I'm thumbin this non ruga
Something that will tear you in half and x2 ya
I don't think you are better then me
Nobodys better then me
Niggas better quit believing they better then a nigga
That's really letting them breath, I dead them with ease
Now come one, you can get swallowed
If you let your lead get you into something
That your eraser can't get you out of
I wrote a song about it, like 2 hear it here it go
(ahhhhh haaaaaa) Thank you very much

[Royce Da 5'9']
Cause we get this jumpin up in here
We don't want no trouble up in here
I going get my money up in here
Ladys is you with me?
Nobodys better then me
I don't think your better then me
Somebody better believe
Getcha Paper, Now Lets Go

[Royce Da 5'9'']
You see how my wrists is slow
That I'm here to get this dough
You can see my shit explode
And if you aint with me (so?)
(How many?)
Hits does it take for you to believe me?
(How many?)
Times do I gotta tell you it's easy?
(How many?)
People must I run up on, and?
(How many?)
Bout to see the gun up drawn
Nigga, we just wanna get it up jumpin
Up in here but ya'll be frontin-acapo
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