I feel like a… new motherfucker, man
Alright, let’s get the dust off
Let’s get back to work

Yeah – I said victory, defeat – parallel feelings
Getting’ rich, friends trip, farewell bid ‘em
You go against me you won’t fare well
I’ll leave your ass bleedin’ in the stairwell
Turn you to the “the” between the “where hell”
Is he, like the cologne that I spray on him?
Emerald, my stones so clean they lookin’ sterile
I’m so major, that when I pass, treat these last flows like the last scroll
Auction off these last known pages
Stuck in my own ways, makin’ asshole wages
Username is passcode vegas
It’s nickel, nigga, you can keep your little two cents
No longer the patron enthusiast, on to a new blueprint
I feel like zonin’, find the headphones and spew it for my own amusement
Until it’s tool time, I ain’t use it for home improvement
And I don’t have to know magic, bruh
I’m wavin’ this ratchet like abracadabra
That’s a cadaverer, and only god to witness our resemblance
My guys relentless, ridin’ like mogwais inside the gremlin
Designer rifles out the window, you ain’t seen this heat
Banana clips see-through, lookin’ like ballerina feet
Got your entire age-range on my dick
It’s nothin’ to put your little stage name on my list
I took a little break to make some plans in my life
I never thought I’d see the day that I’d put hands on my wife, but
That’s another story, perhaps another chapter
In the book written autobiographic by a warrior
Another story of a good guy whose eyelids are drunken shut
Getting’ fucked up so much, you don’t know what the fuck is up
Watchin’ world star, clutchin’ a cup
Right after givin’ a side chick a bus driver uppercut
But that’s another story
I’m just gettin’ the dust off
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Get The Dust Off Lyrics

Royce da 5'9" – Get The Dust Off Lyrics