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Back In The Days Lyrics

Royce da 5'9" – Back In The Days Lyrics

Jerome!, Jerome!
Put on that Bobby Womack

Naw, Girl I Wanna go way back
Check This Out

(Teddy Pendergrass' "Turn off the lights" starts)

Back In the days when I was young
I'm not a kid anymore but somedays
I Sit and wish I was A Kid Again
Back In the days.....

Royce Da 5 9

(Verse I)

Back in the days when I was just a little niggero
I looked up to my bigger bro begged if I could kick it
So when he when out with girls I could go taggin along naggin
If she had a sis I could mack a baby hoodrat
Yall remember way back then when it was 1985 all the way live
I think I was about ten
One of those happy little niggas singin the blues
That be always tryna bag with the shag and karate shoes
Sayin yo momma black his momma this his momma that
Then he'd get mad and wanna scrap we'd stay mad about
10 minutes then it's like back on the bike to play Hide and Go Get It
With the younger hoes by the bungalos then switch to playin ding dong ditch
When that gets old and too cold to hack it
Throw on a bomber jacket
You could tell the ballas 'cause they bailed wearin Gazelles
If they really had money raised we sportin new K's
And all the girls had they turkish link
If it broke then they made earrings too
Like they meant to do it
But sometimes I still sit and reminiese and
Think about the years I was raised back in the days


(Royce and Others over chorus) (3x)

And everybody say..

I remember way back when



Back in the days


Back in the days

(Verse ii)
I'm still back in the days but now the year is 87, 88 that's
When my crew and I were in Jr. High in 7th grade I hated school
(Wished it had blown up)
No doubt I couldn't wait to get out
(And be a grown up)
But let me finish this reminiscin and tellin
Bout when girls was bailin tight courderoys like
For the boys basket weaves, Nike, Cortez, and Footsie Socks
And eatin pickles with Toosie Pops and it don't stop
I'm glad 'cause when J. J. Fad that Supersonic
It was kinda like a sport, to wear biker shorts
Or, to wear jeans and it seemed like the masses
Of hoochies had Poison airbrushed on they asses
Dudes had on Nike suits and the Pumas with the fat laces
'cause it was either that or K-Swiss
I miss those days and so I pout like a grown jerk
Wishin all I had to do now was finish homework
Its true you don't real-a-lize really what you got til it's gone
And I'm not gonna sing anotha sad song
But sometimes I do sit and reminisce then
Think about the years I was raised
Back In The Day


(The variations with royce and others)(2x)

(Verse iii)
Well, it's the niggero I figga that now I'm all grown up
Be'cause I'm 18 years old and guess you could say I'm holdin down
A steady job, true steady mobbin, you steady bobbin your head
And I'm paid so I got it made but
Didn't always have clout useta live in South
Central L. A. That's where I stayed and figured a way out
I gave it all I had so for what it's worth
I went from rags to riches which is a drag but now I'm first
So (??? Is on our way up)
Yup, we said that we was gonna make it since a kid
And we finally did but
Sometimes I still sit and reminisce then
Think about the years I was raised
Back in the days

(Chorus With Variations)
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