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Silicone Lyrics

Rough Silk – Silicone Lyrics

[Music: Doernberg, Wunderlich / Lyrics: Doernberg]

Maria called herself an actress.
She was waiting by the phone.
She was young and pretty but it never rang
So she bought some silicone.
And suddenly she became a star
And she never did sleep alone.
She got rich and famous and all because
Two little pieces of silicone

So all you unknown ladies - in case you haven't known
Just simply save your money up to buy some silicone!

"Thank you for calling the escape-reality-hotline.
Please enter your personal I. D.-code now - please enter your personal I. D.-code now..... "

Overkill - pay the bill - the writing's on the wall!
Ride on - long gone - heading for the fall!
Hold the line - the neon sign says: I don't care too much!
I don't know if you've noticed it - but you've got that special touch! "

On the road to infinity - the road to the stars.
We look oh so cool - just like brand new used cars.
"Tomorrow's sold out !" says the dog to his bone
And all because a little piece of......

Silicone under the rainbow ("Zero - Zero - One")
Pretty soon we'll be flyin' away ("One - Zero")
It's obvious you see -we've found the magic key
To the gods of the apemen we pray.
("thank you for calling the escape-reality-hotline.")
Silicone - where did our brains go?
I don't miss mine but got yours on the phone!
So in case you may need it - someone else tries to feed it
With the essence of bytes - Silicone!

"Thank you for calling the escape-reality-hotline.
If you dial 5-0-6, your call will soon be transferred to the brain-exchangement-section.
If you dial 6-8-9 an operator will speak to you in person.
Be well, citizen, your future is now.
Be well, citizen, your future is now.
Your future is now - your future is now........ "

Technology - follow me - the factory of time.
Amateur - needs a cure - 'cause thinking is a crime.
Big Brother, too - is watching you - Metropolis by night.
The wicked ways of modern days make us dancin' side by side!

On the road to infinity............

"Your future is now !"
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