When you're down, down

When you grow up, I wanna meet your family, family
When you're down, when you're up, when you're down
I feel like I'm the one for you

When you're down and you're glumping around
I'm the one by your side, by your side
I'll take you out while it's about
Gonna be that one, be that one

Wild thing
Wild thing
I'm your wild thing
X 3

When you grow up, when you grow up
We'll never split up
Here I go, I'm getting older
There I go, I'm getting colder

My heart jumps and it beats for you
I'm the one that you want
Come and make it true

I'm gonna show you when I go to the zoo
I'm like the animals in the pictures


And when you call me out your name
I'll see it, when you drive me insane
I think I know what to do, when I'm
Standing next to you

(Altered chorus)
Wild thing
Wild thing
You're my wild thing
Wild thing
Wild thing

I'm your wild thing
Wild thing
Wild thing
Wild thing
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Wild Thing Lyrics

Roubix – Wild Thing Lyrics

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