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Eyes Wide Lyrics

Rotting Out – Eyes Wide Lyrics

It is not the violence that sets men apart
It is the distance that he is prepared to go
We are survivors, we control the fear
And without the fear, we are all as good as dead

[Verse 1]
A product of hard living
I was cut with wisdom earned through foolish acts
I'm barely breathing but I got to stay awake for what's coming next

I see it coming, I can't be seen
Be sharp, be ready

[Chorus] x2
My eyes wide, prepared to do what it takes
Aim, strike, kill whatever comes my way

[Verse 2]
Hold the blade of wisdom close
I'll cut through anything because anything goes
Her eyes in my mind, his voice in my ear, the taste of her lips
I'll guard what can't be replaced



They can take my knife, I'll find a rock
They can take my rock, I have my hands
They can break my hands, I can still bite
Whatever it takes, I'll keep my eyes wide

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