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216 Lyrics

Rossomahaar – 216 Lyrics

Today I introduced myself ot a new world
This unimaginable agony
Silent though so painful!
After all these years it still speaks to me

Eventually, my inner sanctum fell torn apart
Once it's here and once it's there...
A picture so common that it is in no need of description
Numbers... a system the whole earthly nature is based upon?

A system so hardly explained,
A system many would consider a nonsense
Some would not, though
These few... they definitely wouldn't

Sun disappears in the night of a day,
This disaster never stops
Mind over matter or matter over mind?
Think, and think, and think

Numbers all over the place...
Weird yet logical predictions proved to be right
Haunting shades unbound...
A universe of absurdity

Chaos? A mirage I would laugh at if I could!
Order gave birth to order, and order named man
Gave birth to chaos which is but a tool
To activate one's mind

Rationality's ruined by a hollow life of reason
My way's muted, my sight's blurred..
My ability to think, realize and analyze
Still increases

Welcome back the sacred aim,
And goodbye earthly damaged shape
I found the true name of god
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Songwriters: Kai Mathias Stalhammar, Сергей Лазаръ
216 lyrics © Iricom US Ltd

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