You gave up or maybe you never had any hope to begin with.
Jut another lonely boy looking for a little company,
Selfishly destroying the girl who wanted nothing more than to love you.

And like the shattered glass, the memories cut apart my feet
As I take a stroll down to a lane that leads me back to blank pages,
Where I pour out every ounce of pain that will never cease.
It was so east for you to walk away from me.

Heartbroken, arms stretched out, reaching for your perfect hands,
The same hands that held me and calmed me.
Now scratch and rip, They tear out my heart.

And In your perfect hands you held my heart and everything that is me,
But it wasn't good enough. I gave you my heart, and you gave me false hopes.
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A White Horse Fell In The Mud Lyrics

Rosematter – A White Horse Fell In The Mud Lyrics