Frankie was a good woman
Ev'rybody knows
She paid a hundred dollar bill
For little Albert a suit of clothes
For he's my man, my gambling man

Frankie went out to the barroom
She ordered up a glass of beer
Said she to the bartender
"Is my little Albert here?
For he's my man, my gambling man"

"Not a-gonna tell you any Frankie
Not a-gonna tell you no lies
He left here just about a moment ago
With a girl named Alice Fry
For he's your man, your gambling man"

Frankie went out a-walking
She did not go for fun
For under her apron she had concealed
A forty-four (Dansen ???) gun
"Gonna murder the man that done me wrong"

"Please don't murder me, Frankie
Please don't murder me now
For I love you, indeed I do
I know my love is true
But I'm the man that done you wrong"

"Turn me over, Frankie
Turn me over slow
Please don't touch my wounded side
My heart will overflow
But I'm the man that done you wrong"
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Frankie And Albert Lyrics

Rory Block – Frankie And Albert Lyrics

Songwriters: JOHN S HURT
Frankie And Albert lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, WYNWOOD MUSIC CO. INC.

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