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Say Sayonara Lyrics

Roper – Say Sayonara Lyrics

I've been taking the wrong way
Just so I won't fall for you.
Every time I hear your voice,
It just cleaves my heart in two
Like a kamikaze strapped with fifty megatons
You've been gunning my battleship,
You fly the rising sun
I've been walking in circles, while you wait so patiently
I even grew out a mustache, so you wouldn't fall for me
But when you hit my hull, my heart will detonate
I'll wave the white flag as I show up two weeks late
I can't take it anymore
I guess you win, but who's keeping score?

After the dark the sun must rise
Say sayonara to sad goodbyes
See the dawn light up your somber skies
Say sayonara to sad goodbyes

I'm a sheep in wolves clothing, you said I'm not your type
As if we both could resist this, like we could sleep at night
You'll drop the hammer, watch your zero arc and dive
Like a glorious angel, you'll fall down from the sky
I can't take it anymore
I guess you win,
But who's keeping score?

You're the beautiful starlight,
Peering through these skies
You're the peace that I've prayed for, aren't you, Green Eyes?
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