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Live From The D.J. Stretch Armstrong Show Lyrics

The Roots – Live From The D.J. Stretch Armstrong Show Lyrics

After*2 minutes of talking [Bobbito]*

so let's get the mic burned open, it up [Black

Thought] Yes
I check, it out It's
like you, listen to the musician Umbilicle
mic my, syllable strikes ya vision I
take you through a tunnel of thought wit, no support Now
you got caught off guard by, the number one scar for the Illa-Fifth Lyrically
for feelin this Black, Thought yo the skill assisted By
the Mal-ik B the, symbol you remember me to be type valid Disasterous
the, master just bust this for, the listener Black
Thought yo while, I exhibit the Styles
from, the artist boast, strokes of lyrical darkness enter, the style Severin
rooms just like apartments I'll, flavor I'm
a skyscraper by nature Down
wit my number one neighbor Common, From
>the city of Illinois you, destroy when we bombin what, Off?
the top-a the, dome lyric-al don-datta Mr Trotter. Aiyyo
we gotta lotta mc's on, the line of this ready to rhyme So
I'm just gon' set go down wit mine rewind, check, it out [Common]

persue sound fairs relaxed, like Dru Down's hair Other
n s****rhymes are like gang signs I, throw down theirs On
Knotts I Landed players, get played like Hamlet Supposedly
nice taken, for granted like life I
write twice and drop singles in record pools N
s****I'm dunkin like when cops mingle f, k**hip hop jingles Rhymin
big words and not sayin s titThe
click that you came in wit the, accent you flavor whipped I
got my n anusTariq I, freak it in the middle of the week N
s****is weak an' and I start to speakin N
skankstart to leakin my, n anusDerek D an' I'm
foreseein the future funky, for human beings Like
I was the Biz Mark I, bring the noise iller Com
Sense'll be the rhyme killer I, spill a Little
bit of juice to a mc who need a new producer Got
my n anusY-Not in the spot and I rock like crack I'm
ready to attack Thoughts, is Black N
s****understand the intelligence and relevance to this rhyme I
Stretch a n anusall across the line like I was Bobbito or Armstrong Com's
song'll keep goin I, start the holdin My
flowin is turnin to earth The
birth is comin through listenin, to cut old school laughin *Tremblin*
? when it came down the shoot [Pharoahe?

Monch] (Pharoahe)
Yeah yeah (Pharoahe) yeah yeah (Pharoahe)
yeah yeah yo Always
beginnin em forever, blendin them bendin, em again and again Sendin
em back lettin, em know that minimum wages Subliminally
befriending em for criminal ac-tivity Mics
I chop like Florida State Seminoles wit criminal facts And
milly ac-tually I piss on your promotional wax It'll
be tight but only this what, n anusswears he's the nicest Just
because he got rhyme of the month twice Four
mic devices the, gem star blade the s titslices Rip-trip-chop-chop-chop
and dices Absolute, Absolute
uh Absolute, uh Absolute, uh (kill it) [Absolute]

rippin, the microphone My
words will enlight your dome When
I'm quick to strike your home just like Capone N-Noreaga
wit, The War Report my, orrator will slaughter yours Still
waitin for the beat to come in I'm, dangerous like Satan Eatin
bacon in front of a Muslim I'll, battle you and your cousin It's
the beef for black attack When
I yes, quick to subtract the wack When
I go from track to track bouncin, in the mounds and coutin Flowin
like water from a fountain when I deliver Like
water from a river makin you shiver That's
for sore the, connoisseur rippin ill-literature Yes
but, I'm about to get deeper You'll
catch a I'll reflection from listenin too close to the speaker When
I reach ya it's, gettin more clearer outta, the era [Black

Thought] It's
like this we, keep you open like a parachute Took
a shot of hip hop it's, Absolute For
my man from the House of Representatives And
turn it out aiyyo, I always do that's, what I'ma bout ta Do
I show you a style and throw you For?
all competitors Black, Thought comin through the seckle 'cause I'm
the superior style and you inferior Let
me adjust my voice so you can hear me ta-- Bust
rule the microphone, Pure
skills nuttin, but it all, of a sudden Mc's
just start to studdered from the rap style Hey
yo let me rewind check it out check, it out Well
it's the deranged, style that change formats and forms I
swarm like killa bees for feelin these fantasies Mc's
throw a tantrum I, sing the Fifth Anthem Aiyyo
it's like this my, song thump your preference You
can never attempt to reach that where my level is Black
Thought severin competitives off, the dome top Yo
my microphone stop my, man Com just drop [Common]

don't halt I, guess it was my fault I
came through thick like a malt n, s****tried to pour salt But
never knew the flavor my, s titis accented from Chicago N
s****follow hold, the water bottle My
shit'll keep flowin Now
I'm showin this poetry in motion like a picure Read
the scripture understood, the first New Testament Start
to blessin it The
s titis like this where, the beat went I
give mc's the silent treatment They
tried to come against me I, told em they wasn't fresh Rappers
I Crush Kill, and Destroy like Stress Extinction
Agenda Com, Sense'll just send a-nother Mothafucker
to the bathroom he, didn't have room to s titon the mic That
I had it's, like the n anusCom Sense I, don't need a pad Off
the dome my, shit'll roam/Rome like a Greek I
start to speak and, n skanksound extra weak/week Like
seven days I, take ya seven whole days like Tony Never
been a phony Express, styles like a Pony Hold
ya horses Com, Sense read The Sources Toss
this type of s titthat go straight through I, lost this One
time it, came back the rap sunshine N
s****follow me like one time Check
it out nig-- my man Absolute is unsigned ready, to get it on It's
like this upon the mic yo I sit upon [Pharoahe

Monch] Yo
yo check, it out now one, time now Pharoahe, Monch yo It's
not breaks at the bar even, if you a star Wit
me and my crew baby doll you won't go far I
seek the love of Allah the, laws I lay Peepin
the upper echelon of light display Funk
distributed rap pro attributed, to facts so Cleverly
put more, revolutions than a axel The
sad slow n anusmuch smoother than Coltrane Who
can cop beats that I chop like cocaine The
effortless action wit moves like subtraction Lip
stick, and admit wit mo' satisfaction And
all the while my beats can pile up More
data than X-File shows all added up The
educated n anusfrom Queens by, any means Servin
any fiends similar, to Supreme Team But
like steam I will rise to the top to redeem the cream For
n s****who fiend for hip hop I
pop glock and bla-block shot and chop spots From
>top notch cops to bust from a crotch Positioning
what, Absolute what, c'mon c'mon kick the dome [Absolute]

last word was precision so I get a vision And
makin sentences on top of your cranium Underground
sub-terranien, Crossin
the Mediterranean water, to slaughter mc's Who
can't catch across the border Lookin
across the, window not, a nympho Lookin
at my man the, Jedi duck when the lead fly My
man just took a picture so, I just snapped it Lookin
at the man who got the joint in his back s titthe, back s titI
pack s titbut it's never like an automatic I'm
causin static just like the opposite of Bounce I
get throwing, mad amounts Look
at my man Bobbito and Stretch I
gotta catch the beat I'm
never come off weak 'cause weak is the opposite of strong I
used to smoke the bong but now I got the Heineken It's
my turn to rhyme again Don't
need to be greedy I, give my old gear to the needy Used
to write graffiti 'cause I got the burner You
might not get that but you I pass it back to my man wit the head wrap Yo

*and shoutouts to end
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