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Cornmeal Dumpling Lyrics

Roots Manuva – Cornmeal Dumpling Lyrics

I don't wanna be, I am

We about to get splendid

Coming through with the Hallelu Vitalisation,
New talk sensation, Vibe see Vibration.
Spitting on the bacon is my first result.
You will never see this folk juckin in this pork
Wild blast from the chalice,
Flood my blood stream, this blessing sting.
Cleans my mind to a gleam.
See the light my tips see be tight.
With these intergalatic tackles to the core.
Raw from the south of the Thames
Bringing folks vision like a contact lense.
Nothing but this ital, vital World Roots recital
We don't follow fashion, nor fad, not at all
See me to town come fe nice up the ball
'long side the Holy Ghost, living like some pastor.
Casting out the spell of this man made hell.

Cornmeal Dumpling Give me strength y'all
Rebuke devils, make devils repent y'all

I'm feeling groovy(i.. I)
(i.. I)
Good God
Do you
(i.. I)

Flavour too dead, now they call me abortion.
My look to twist a torsion made force uncontained
Pen 'em too hard he just might twist your brain
Cause I grace track with Roots vibe syntax
Funkified, footloose like the old farmer slacks.
I enter the arena with some next type of juice.
This has the energy, clipping from the noose.
Freeing up my mind, from that living dead fluck.
Devil eyes have fe get to the hell from these mortals.
We won't stop cry for little beady.
Step up, Stand up, you know you got qualities
And so we groove and so we gwan and so we skid
Motion splendid with this routique we fine.
Fending of the heat of this shall bar-b we flame.
Times is dark, we can't feel no shame, but..

Cornmeal Dumpling Give me strength y'all
Rebuke devils, make devils repent y'all
Cornmeal Dumpling Give me Strength


Scatting verse:

I sing, who's discoteque is this,
It's my discoteque
I don't give a dam how you wish me to flex
Imma flex how I feel to flex
Light-years over the heads of heads
Who study cool, I know they fool
All you had to do was to be yourself
Who am I? Hey
Who's discoteque is this,
It's my discoteque
Who's discoteque is this,
It's my discoteque
And I shall be
I don't wanna be
I do

*More Adlibs

* From the blessing feel the power
* from the power feel the lesson
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