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Corabeu Lyrics

Root – Corabeu Lyrics

(Big Boss, Blackie / Big Boss)

I look for you, Creating Power
What has become of you ?
How sad I am
Looking to the Space
Bottomless - endless,
Where are you ?

I want to be with you again
In the embrace of Stars
There I used to play
With Ráon and Xerida
My beloved brother and sister

Palaces of crystal and ruby
We built and ruined again
The Life we made up - and the Beauty
We laughed and romped together -
Oh, how sad I am

I'd like to return it all
To the ages of our Youth
Oh, Corabeu the Power, where are you ?
Where are my dreams ?
Still I see you - as if yesterday

Sister Xerida - beautiful and dear
Ráon my brother - good and proud
Shall we meet once again ?
In Cosmic Dust we'll bath
Into whirls of fiery: Comets: we'll rush....
Come back - come back - come back - come back.....

Yes I know - our Time has come as well
But it's just illusory !
Again we'll be born out of the Beams
Of the Beams of Suns and cold Moons....
Then again the Lava of all Planets will spring out
And our Power , the Creating Power -

Corabeu - Into us will inspire it's Life
Corabeu - Like myriads of Ages ago
Corabeu - And many times before
Corabeu - And we'll be here forever as we are today

Corabeu - But now I am sad
Corabeu - Where are you, oh , where ?
Corabeu - So eager for You I'm waiting
Corabeu - My Star is shining now

Tears of my pleasure are running....
So hurry up, hurry up !

The Time of Creating has come.....
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