[Piano Boogie]
[1 Verse + Comments]

Oh, yeah!
A-C-E, right in deedy
Ace, top a the deck
You wanna call it the 'Ace Boogie'

Oh, yeah!
My, my!
Oh, yeah!

Mercy, mercy!
My, my!

'Ride the seat a while, now, huh! '

'Ho, wild! '



'Let that mini skirt pop'

'Sho them hot pants'


'My, my'

[Hold ahead]

'Oooh, yeah'

'Mercy fine'

'Ho, right there'

'Rock go wrong way' (na-na)

'Mercy, mercy, man it ain't a A'

'Oh, yeah'

'One more time'

'Ooow! Mercy!

'One more time, mama'

'Ho yeah'

Ace Boogie - 3:43 (Trk 18)
Roosevelt Sykes - piano & vocal
Recorded: December 30, 1971
Producer: G.H. Buck Jr.
Jazz City Studios, New Orleans, LA
Album: Roosevelt Sykes 'Dirty Mother For You'
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Ace Boogie Lyrics

Roosevelt Sykes – Ace Boogie Lyrics