Oooh... Ooooh... Ooh...
Need you... Right now... Oh yeah

Wind blows, and colds the night...
Don't leave me any lonely~
Come and rescue me
Am trembling, like leaves on a tree...
Like the sun I just want you to shine on me.

Lean on me, come keep me warm.
I'mma need your company,
I'll stay in your arms...
Lean on me, girlfriend
I'mma need your company,
Stay till the end...

Till the end, baibe ~baibe-

[Verse 2:]
Your lovely scene, I can depend on you babes.
And your carressing, brings happiness for days
That's why I need you now, coz only you understand.
Only you can comfort this man.

[Chorus: X2]
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Need You Lyrics

Romain Virgo – Need You Lyrics

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