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Step Back Lyrics

Rollins Band – Step Back Lyrics

You're so fuckin' weak, you disgust me! It's a drag when you bring me
And all the things that you say, no one cares anyway

You step back! X2
But then you've gotta deal with me...

Or you fall down!!
I see through the lies to the bottom of your eyes
Your fake charisma pulls you through!
And the house of cards that you built on the cheap shot guilt
You step back! X2
Doesn't mean a fuckin' thing to me!

Or you fall down!! *Solo*

You're pathetic and you're weak, you're a fake and you lie
I'd like to crush you like an insect but I don't wanna do the time
Do you really wanna confront me?
I really don't think so!! *Solo*
Do you really wanna deal with me? Uh? Uh? Uh?, no!

You step back! X2
Or you fall down!!
Now: what the fuck is going through your tiny little mind?

I'm gonna show ya how fragile you really are... Yah.
Yeah! I think I'm gonna fuck with you, I think I'm gonna fuck with you
Yeah you, yeah you! Yeah you, motherfucker! *Solo
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