I can see you standing, in a sunny day photo
No-one sees your shadow, falling over me
I can see you smiling, like a flashlight blinding
Fooling all of the people, most of the time

I can see you leaving but I won’t be grieving this time
You don’t seem to know that you’re way on past your prime

Your mind plays tricks on me
I couldn’t see
The writing on the wall
One step I wouldn’t take
Another fake and
Now it’s about to fall

I can hear you talking, like a wild thing stalking
Thought you had a grand plan, but missed the sign
Can you go the distance, meeting my resistance
Now you’ve stepped on way past, over the line

To fall
Over me
The trick’s on me, the joke’s on you

I can see you smiling
I can see you leaving
It’s a sunny day
I’m over you
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Sunny Day Lyrics

Rollerblue – Sunny Day Lyrics