[Roll Safe]
Yo, I don't think you're listening
Chantelle, I loved you,
But you cheated, with Jonathan from church.
I'm gonna run up,
And spray him,
And leave him... in the church.
Now, all you people cussing me suck you
I'm here on Charlie in the Booth.
All you people, cussing me, suck your mum (wait for this, listen)
Elephant and Castle where I grew up
Don't try take me for a muck
That was... perfect
(You win) I won.
Hold tight Adele, your new track is not bad,
But, I don't really know what your name is (listen, yo),
If you wanna rock me, I'll bring my arms out
To your mums house and bang you... in your forehead.
That was for Chantelle... I loved you.
You're a J-bag, on Mondays...
You're a slut (haha) on Tuesdays...
Stop calling me... on Fridays...
I'm a big man but I'm not 30,
Hold tight Stormzy, you wanna get murky.
You're breath stinks, just shut up.
You're breath stinks, just shut up.
I'm not @ing you Stormzy, Charlie's tryna cause trouble (haha)
He's a prick, he's tryna cause trouble.
I'm gonna burst his bubble (haha),
I'm gonna take his hat (haha),
He's not getting that hat (haha),
That snapback's gone outside the building.
And my home town...
And my home town...
Hold tight Krept and Konan for this one,
They jumped on this one still, and they went in, but there's a new boss in town.
(Drop some bars) right now, I'm a bit emotional right now...
Okay, he wants some bars (I'm gonna do a Drake ting)
On my hotline bling, I'm kind of wavy,
BMT, you don't know me.
Hold tight, Aunty Gbemi.
I got the soup, warming in my belly.
Hold tight Timbo, hold tight Mitch,
I'm in the car, I got the glitch.
I'm gonna go ba-- Listen I'm a bit emotional right now...
ARGHHHHHHHHHH (very loud scream)
Listen, Charlie stop that let me talk to you for a minute.
Don't cut it like that you make me sound like a muck.
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Chantelle Lyrics

Roll Safe – Chantelle Lyrics

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