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Love To See You Bleed Lyrics

Roky Erickson – Love To See You Bleed Lyrics

Love to see you bleed, love to see you hurt
Screams you're among the garbage and cans and you're pushed in
The dirt
Slash long sharp butcher knifes you bad ruts
Love to watch you get cut
Gee, you bleed down whole side of face and cheek
Love to watch you bleed, love to see it hurt
It come to you, no nurse, it's getting worse
Love to see you hurt, love to watch you bleed
Freely free the smell sights because I know it isn't me
Your feelings, knowing you'll run out of blood
Then in shocking reality puddles, your blood free, empty
My, how your blood is really dripping love drip
Blood spurting squirting
Pumping out blood limb bloody body
Love to see all that blood
Love to see your blood
Love to see you bleed
Love to watch you in pain again again again
Rushing cause feelings so good watch you ache
All those deep gashes thick slices must sting blues
Bruise blacks screaming all your pain you can't lose
Pain total your body knows only pain
And everywhere ache nowhere to lay
Hold your chin upon and barely hung tongue censored hard to say
You pain ache
Love to watch you in pain, love to watch you die
Watch you squirm and in pain writhe on your red bled bred
Deathbed you lie
I contracted you a goodbye
Grim reaper ready to reap grim
With your blood bleeding down and dripping from his bloody
No hope agony pain ache only build 'til the end cry
Love to watch you die

Having a real good time
Wishing you were here
Love to watch you bleed
Be seeing you bleed

PS: Thick slices, meat hunks.
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