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Delicacy Of A Rose Lyrics

Roger Creager – Delicacy Of A Rose Lyrics

Roger Creager, Clay Blaker

She gave it away on good faith when she was 15 years old. He was 16 and did not appreciate the delicacy of a rose.
A long string of lovers helped blur the line
Between true love and lust.

A teenage girl who's been sold short,
Whose she got left to trust?
The cycle of sin she found herself in once the word got out. It broke her heart to realize what they were all about.
After she gave all she had
They didn't treat her so well.
Each time she went their way,
Another petal fell.

Sometimes life leads you down a road
That you don't choose.
You try so hard to win but you still lose.
Bottle it all up inside where nothing ever grows.
She built a ten-foot wall around what's left of a rose.

I have always been there when she's cried a million tears.
I know why she can't see that I've loved her for years.
In the fertile soil of my hands I know real love can bloom.
I would give up everything to bathe in her perfume.


She's been loved a time or two
But I don't think she could tell.
She's always been called easy.
But friend she's hard as hell.

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