Distant ships are coming
And the sun goes down once more
Wind perspective changes us
Just to justify our war

Keep your dreams and words
It’s a long way boy
We only have each other
Don´t look back
The mist is gonna take our home
This is what we’ve got

Another day is coming
To expose our hearts again
I remember summers
Cotton fields, a dancing dress

Now you can celebrate
You can take it all
I left unlocked the door
Nothing changes in this world
My hometown now is yours
You ́re always gonna be
A mind of war.

And now the snow covers all those days
I wish I could stop the rain for you
Let me try, we can start again
Well I don’t know...
It seems to be silence took it all
Don ́t give up I will fix the wall
We ́re gonna find a place where we belong
If this July don´t take me away from your side.
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Mind Of War Lyrics

Rodrigo Aranjuelo – Mind Of War Lyrics