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Humps For The Blvd. Lyrics

Rodney O & Joe Cooley – Humps For The Blvd. Lyrics

[Rodney O]
Yeah, I got some humps for the boulevard
Turn it up, pump it up, cuz it's hittin hard
I'm gettin down y'all, just for the fuck of it
I got a hold of the mic like a vice grip
I got a vision, but it's different than Mariah's
I wanna hear you pumpin in pile drivers
No matter what kinda speakers you got
I know the Fostex amp is gettin hot
The bass knocks hard just like the police
And the fans eat it up like a fuckin feast
Rodney O, one funky individual
I got the rhymes when the situation's critical
Yeah, the B-L-V-D, turn up the V-O-L-U-M-E

[Joe Cooley]
Humps for the motherfuckin boulevard
You broke your ass off a funky beat, made just for the cause
It don't matter if your sound system stop, bro
Still turn me up and let down your windows
I'm pushing Alpine and 650? Fostex?
I like my shit loud, till I get a headache
Don't front, we know you're liking sounds loud, G
And our shit ain't made for no sissies
Got the street beat I know ya been waiting for
So just be careful cuz it might crack your window
So when you're rolling, G, in your funky fresh car
Don't forget to play the humps for the boulevard

Yeah, we got the humps for the boulevard
Turn it up, pump it up, cuz it's hittin hard [x2]

[Rodney O]
Humps for the boulevard
While you light up a hootie, mack
Take a hit, blow it out, then you pass it back
You got the bomb shit, so you're really feelin it
You bought a 40 and your homie is killin it
Roll down the windows, comin up are some hoochies
Your homie's ugly, so he can't pop the coochie
You're laughin at your homeboy cuz he got dissed
He's on tip, and you know that he's gettin pissed
Stop at the store, cuz my boys got the munchies
You're rolling deep and your ride's gettin funky
Ain't no thang, pile up back in the car
Keep it going fool, humps for the boulevard

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