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All Of The Stars Lyrics

Rodney Lee Mpitirira – All Of The Stars Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm not good I just keep making mistakes,
I just can't seem to get anything right,
I'm lost in this maze,I can't find my way out,
You mean the world to me but,you still don't
Believe it all work out,
We can see the stars even we can't see each other,
A barrier in between keeping me from you,
I love you,I need you,
But all you ever do is push me away,
You don't even care about what I feel ,
So what should I do when my love for you keeps growing,

All of the stars ,
A thousand times,
Whispering my wish to be with you,
All of the stars ,
That's what I see every time I look at you

[Verse 2]
I've never been myself since you lit a spark in my heart,
Give me a little love to me,all I ever want is you and nothing can compare you no,
Everything I say never touches your heart,
I don't know how long should I keep telling you the same thing ,
All I pray for is the day you will see how much you mean to me,
Maybe words don't make sense to you
I just can't stop saying this over and over again,
A million reasons why I should have you it makes no sense,
But all I need is a chance,to be an ear to listen to all your troubles,
Be the kind of guy who treats your weaknesses with kindness

All of the stars ,
I see their brightness in your eyes ,
All of the stars,
No matter how many ,that's the number of years I wanna be with you

[Verse 3]
I could be your trophy of a lifetime stand ,
They could be someone else and he could have your humour,
But he all never love you like I can
You got me wrapped up all over you ,
You hit me all the time,I just love it when I think about you,
I want to tell you all my secrets and you to tell me yours,
You're always on my mind even if we 'ren't talking

All of stars ,
I could stare at them all night long ,with you by my side,
All of stars,
You 're like the Sun that lighten up day
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