Feat. Jazmine Sullivan

(Intro: Rocky Fontaine [Jazmine Sullivan])
[Love me baby]
Yeah, I like this one! (laughs)
[Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhh, ohhh (repeats)]
Philly is definitely in the building, ladies and gentlemen.

(Hook: Jazmine Sullivan)
[Oh-oh-oh-ohs in the background]
Just relax and unwind
Love me baby,
I'll make sure you be fine
Love me baby,
I want you to be mine
Love me baby,
We can have a good time
Love me baby, love me baby (yeah-ah)

(Verse 1: Rocky Fontaine)
Yes yes y'all, turn the beat on,
Imma play niggas girl till I meet one,
Turn me around, and my head gone,
Play ya cards right, yeah I could put you on,
Tell me what ya like, we can get gone,
Where ya wanna go? Whatcha wanna do?
Bring ya homegirls, Imma bring my niggas too,
Imma bring the paper but the party's on you,
And let's rock, smoke till we drop,
Drink till we give it up, eat till we pop,
We gotta live it up, ya only live once,
Ya never found love? Well this is your shot,
And why not, I'm a sho-shot,
Not the average nigga that you find on the block,
I'm a superstar, you can tell by the watch,
And I ain't gonna talk, lil' mama just watch,


(Verse 2: Rocky Fontaine)
Yes yes y'all, turn the beat on,
Since I found you, I don't wanna meet none,
I'm done chasin' the freaks, playin' the streets,
I go from city to city without you next to me? NAW!
I'm over being discreet,
I don't want you hanging my clothes and making the sheets,
I need you up in the Rover next to me,
Tell ya old man it's over, rest in peace,
Now we movin', where ya wanna go?
Pick a spot, let's do it, this that cool shit,
I found what I needed and I won't lose it,
And if I lose it, then I might lose it!
I'm gonna holla, you're the chick I'm cool wit,
One that love me for me, not the new shit,
Since you so well, Imma put you in some new shit,
We gon' throw dem haters the deuces, ya dig?


(Verse 3: Rocky Fontaine)
Yes yes y'all, turn the beat on,
Jazzy baby, we got one!
I ain't gon' stunt, I ain't with bustin' windows,
We can lay back in my Lac, blow some endo!
(Ha! ) Wheels high and the tint low,
You drive, I ride, let's get low!
And you know I ain't fuckin' wit dem haters,
I'm don with these hoes, tell dem niggas see you later!

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Love Me Baby Lyrics

Rocky Fontaine – Love Me Baby Lyrics

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