It's the way that you moved me
And the way that you looked at me,
Something about your hair and the way you stare
Feels like I am walking on air

And all I wanna do
Is I just wanna be with you

I wanna wake up every moment,
Wanna wake up every time,
I wanna wake up every second
Right here with you straight in your arms

[Verse 2:]
Ten feet underneath the sheets
And my lips are walking on your hips,
Your head in my chest, I am defenseless,
When I'm with you, I know that I'm home

[Repeat Ref]

[Repeat Chorus]

Even as we fall asleep
And you feel the one aching
You will still be in my dreams
'Til the morning comes

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

Right by your side... (I wanna wake up...)(7x)
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Right By Your Side Lyrics

Rocksteddy – Right By Your Side Lyrics