Y'all wanna know why he don't stop
Y'all wanna know why he don't flop
Lemme tell you p-p-people why
Going hard when you coming from the Chi
Going broke, no hope, but I know I'm gon' die rich
Always kept this shit 100 never switched
Niggas out here sending shots but they brick
I don't really miss these days
But I miss that Holbrook road
I don't really miss no old hoes
I'm just tryna really reach new goals
Reach new heights see things
That a young nigga never did see
Running with MMG Rozay he believe in me
Chi-town MVP, Kanye and Don C
MJ and Scottie P, R Kelly RNB
Grant Park after dark mild sauce on my sharks
Fat tiger on my T pulling up to the gallery
Where I spend my whole salary
Running shit, watch the calories
Hope these niggas don't get mad at me
It's gon' be another casualty
You should just be proud of me
Come and blow a little loud with me
Super fly nigga low-key
And it's no telling where I might be

You and I can be whatever we wanna be in this shit
Do whatever we wanna do
Go wherever we wanna go

Fiji water, Grand Daddy Purp
It's hot in here I need another shirt
It's hot in here I need a Nelly verse
Fire flowing 'bout to make it worse
Young nigga tryna to break the curse
I'ma be a dad, or end up doin' dirt
Otherwise feelings gettin' hurt
Otherwise I be in the skirt
Otherwise it can get bad
Famous Dex we got hoes mad
I can hit her with the quick fast
And I hit my bro with the touch pass
I can buy your bitch a new pad
I can buy that hoe a best bag
I can hit her with the new swag
Born fly never jet lag
You a dummy you should test crash
Crash test how you fail that?
Cali Kush did you mail that
Don't nobody in the city sell that
Niggas will sell their souls though
Big money by the boatload
These people can not buy me
Made a promise I'mma always live free like that
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You & I Lyrics

Rockie Fresh – You & I Lyrics