I’m so eternal, I might take this shit to Fiji
I’m Snowman with the flow, I’m Young Jeezy
My nigga Gift say he high off contact
Smoke bomb weed, make a lot of bomb raps, yeah
We the wave, fuck a do-rag
Cop a few clothes, pop a few tags
Where the fuck these niggas’ shoes at?
Walkin’ on the hot coal, homie, I could switch modes

First time I heard a beat drop
Knew a nigga had a love for hip-hop
Niggas’ funny actin’ like Chris Rock
A New Jacks, she grab the pipe, then she lip lock, yeah
I got the work in the Zip-Lock
Let it sit fast, then it get back
You was in the crib like Sinbad
Nigga, you a house guest, homie, I am Young Fresh

A light bulb just clicked off
These type of tracks right here is what I shit on
I don’t fuck with the Uber, I get my Lyft on
Okay, well really, I’mma drive my own whip home
Or I'm ridin’ in the back seat, tired of bein’ broke
So I really need a cash week, ballin’ like athlete
Nigga, check my rap sheet, it’s official, I’mma winner

Damn, and the beat came back and the money still stack
And I’m livin’ off rap, roll more ‘cause I’m high off that
Spend a lot, I’mma make it all back
Then I’mma go and get a little more
Made it to the ceiling but I started at the floor
A key player, I’mma open up the door
Shit, y’all don’t gotta say no more, yeah

I need Keys on it, I need the church on it
I put the work on it, I might just throw Joey Purp on it
Might just call my nigga Vic on it
I might just go and put Chance on it
Call the Praise team up, let ’em dance on it
Sorry God, I called strippers, threw bands on it
I was so lost in the damn moment, I had pictures in my mind
Pictures in the past so it’s pictures of the grind
Lord knows that it’s lookin’ like my time
Starin’ at the stars, now it’s time that they align
Leave ‘em blind, lookin’ for the coal in the mine
Niggas want gold, we gon’ shine, yeah
Tryna find the silver line, two times
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Praise Freestyle Lyrics

Rockie Fresh – Praise Freestyle Lyrics