One day I saw you
One sight you caught me
One word could've saved me
One love no more
One fail no way

I didn't want to let go
From what you gave me
I never did think you'd ever care about me
You don't know what I saw that day
You left me with nothing to say
One day

One day I told you
One more chance please
One chance was just not enough
One word my love
One day broke down

I didn't want to admit
That this was the reality
I never wanted to be such a failure
You don't know how I felt that day
I've lost my one and only way
One day
One day

One day, I was done
One day, you were gone
One day,
One day,
One way, I could've followed you
One way,
One way,
But I didn't
I was such a coward
One way, I lost
One day...

One love broke down
One love, no more
One says, cheer up
One says, good luck
One day, I'm fine now
One past, now clean

I really didn't want to wash away this past
Even if it was painful
Even if it was my last love
I threw myself completely
I start again
I forgave my one mistake
One day
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One Day Lyrics

Rock House! – One Day Lyrics