Things have just been broken up
I give you my sympathy
You give me back your enmity
We might just be enemies now
No one will doubt, and no one will know
I will not shout, and I will not go
Because you're not who I meant
Seems like your feelings have been decent
I cannot change anything, I'm powerless
Don't trust me, anymore, or I'll leave you a mess
It might just be a joke, but it would be a bitter one
I'll give back whatever I took, and lets just say we're done
It's just better, it's just better without me
You were my sun, you were the light
The sun is gone, and things have never been any right
Ever since, ever since, ever since I say my words
But my words were not meant
And I'll go forwards if that's the best
Even if it's some path without you
Now you've told me that they always knew
It wasn't a secret, it wasn't a secret
You're just a regret, just another regret
It won't matter, it won't matter
If I can end so quick, then that'll be the best
I will not depend anymore, so you should leave the rest
Where it should belong
Where I belong, some where else
Where I belong, some where else
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Jokes, Paybacks, Smoke And Mirrors Lyrics

Rock House! – Jokes, Paybacks, Smoke And Mirrors Lyrics