Grab her with a fucking cars
As the young in my pots told me the world is yours
So I skip college to live life which was a better course
Came from nothing but nothing is what I refuse to set on four
Never before, have you heard of a nigga that rap with a better report
Yes I'm a rapper but nothing inside of me sweet like what they selling the
You should be one of them dudes, who listen the streets trust em and let em
The doors,
Till I start it there's never nothing it's bigger than music
Can I get an applause yeah
The... In the hip hop
This respecting the judge walk up inside the court of my flip flops
Bars is what I'm delivering as if I'm stucking the cell block
And I don't have to lie in my rhymes to get hot

Know the road it ain't never been easy
So you know, that you gotta make it own way
Before you go, yeah you've got to believe me
So you know, that you gotta make it own way

I've never played and know it all but what I know is this...
So say I'm wrong say I'm right really dog who give the shit
Opinions are like assholes 'cause everybody got one
And know it all the shit is one
They claim to do but I wonder
And nobody is perfect
And tell me why we get mad in
Do we expect perfection
Although we know there's no such thing
As a friend add but a true friend or are we just standing
Is a true really important his lie is so confident
And should've made bitch excite bitch whent he side bitch convenient
I mean it can you believe it, even when you can see it
They say our music it's too dirty
I don't have no plans on clean it


Fuck them world and them lies that they've been telling us
We should fair our government
Our government need to be scared of us
We die in our hands these streets and the powers that beat
Don't seem to care enough
Is a reason I'm yelling I fuck
Both the Governor and our senators
School was never preparing us
One hot is survive is veninus
World surrounded by snakes they're coming to form a fake messengers
Ain't never been nobody helping us
Dreams is what they've been selling us
In the hood they hustle on the regular
We are just tryin make it on America many seats

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So You Know Lyrics

Rock City – So You Know Lyrics