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The Snake Lyrics

Roches – The Snake Lyrics

If you move into my life and take over my soul
Charm all my friends and play the rescuer role
Let me quit my job to go on your dole
And make your approval my ultimate goal,
I will begin to shrink back into the corner of my own skin
Until I'm so small and pink that no one would see me
Even if they got in -

Your enormous index finger would be probing to find me
As I darted between the walls of my own personality
Which would be changing as I left most of it behind me
Disappearing into a new reality...

And when you tried to trot me out to show me to your friends
They'd say "What girlfriend? We don't see any girlfriend."
As you open the door of your Mercedes Benz
Now you got the oyster you don't need the pearl when
You can have my beautiful smile
That wonderfully elegant style
All my show business connections
Both of my cats affections
The clothes you bought me are yours
That Timex watch endures
My good relationship with your mom
My ability to remain calm,

But here I'd be like a dead person looking down
On the cemetery where they placed a stone
With a name on it like Jane Smith or John Brown
That I no longer recognized as my own

Hold me tight and I'll just she'd my skin, slither away,
No matter what's happenin'.
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