Money come, money go, black Monte Carlo
Niggas set the bar low
With the tech nine and the set cargo
Slow the cargo, it’s escargot
What’s touring? Never let your car show
Hold the Roscoe
Niggas told the cops, now the spot’s blown (we out)
Bobby Reeves with the costume
Send shots at your top phone
We tycoons, my nigga, we are not coons, not cool
Thousand dollar croc shoes
Sliding in ‘em, you living like a yaku
I’m out in Yemen, we nibblin’ on dry food
Crab rappers don’t wanna frack us
My back is like B. A. Baracus
Smash ratchets till the shaft of my penis is flaccid
This is classic, I’m thinking past G wagons
Main dragon, super cat cabber stabbin’
That’s what’s happening
Jacket made of caf skin
The light that I’m basking in, remember shit in on
And you don’t quit

It don’t last, baby
It never did, it never have, baby

[Verse 2:]
Your raps small change, coin of phrase
The Ralph Lauren shit I’m sporting, this is all your base
Your whole coil like a snakeskin
It’s like Watergate skipped the court date just to fornicate
Warpaint face, your mixtapes done in poor taste
I’m watching horses race, court made
With the quarter to eight
Slipped your whore the bait
My shit is more than great, what I orchestrate
I just want my niggas to all be straight
Cause where I often lay it ain’t coffee cake
Used to book niggas for change of leathers
Cook ‘caine, now I wrap the wood-grain in the seven
The game is a lesson
My breath ain’t got knocked for possession after I was stressin’
Move with discreteness
Peace to Mexican niggas that carry weapons
Big butt bitches in leggings and 54-112s
Smith or Wesson’s, I capture the best essence
Thirsty heffers ass pass the refreshments
A fresh prince
Wipe the hammer down, I think I left prints
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Doesn't Last Lyrics

Roc Marciano – Doesn't Last Lyrics