We flew ny to la
Left unpaid and unplayed on the pavement with jetlag
Did you hire a pa? No!
Lost in tears on the strip, this ain't no glamour trip
Missed the nightflight from Roma
You don't wanna talk about that
But you are gonna rap about champagne in the speakers
Oh but that wasn't us coz we was drinkin' prosecco

We're in the music biz, is this how it is?
We're in the music biz, is this how it is?
In the music biz, this is how it is!
If you wanna start a band listen to this!

You drag us over to Hammersmith
Give our disk a quick flick and sigh 'i can't hear the hits'
Wanna listen to my bs?
No! 'Bout the millions you plan to spend on your new fave band
Give us our 12, 000 euros now!
Not at the label or home, hundred missed calls on ur
Till we say 'Johnny Depp remixed us'
You sms in delight and say 'He's definitely hype! '

Dress up as robots in Soho
Hid outside the bbc to plug our cd to a dj
Do you wanna be on my show? Yeh!
We chuck glitter in your eyes pull out lazers
'Open fire! '
Stalked the journos round Reading
We got tagged in your mag as 'Britains worst band'
'Absolutely no talent'
'The most unsuccessful duo the uk has never known! '
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We're In The Music Biz Lyrics

Robots In Disguise – We're In The Music Biz Lyrics