Command the good incendiaries
With their charred fingers
Set fire to the shelves of the libraries
Deviate the course of canals
To flood the cellars of the museums
These pick axes and hammers
Sap the foundations of the centre of the cities

Fascism / Futurism
Fascism / Futurism

In the moment the mothers are 30 years
And there are fourteen years at least
To accomplish our tasks
When you are 40
Let others
Younger and more valiant
Coerce him into the wastepaper basket
Like useless manuscripts

Fascism / Futurism
Fascism / Futurism
Fascism / Futurism

Futurism / Fascism
Futurism / Fascism

And Ending Justice
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Fascism/Futirism Lyrics

Robert Calvert – Fascism/Futirism Lyrics