"Now take my plastic medicine,
With this adapted plastic spoon.
And think my plastic thoughts.
Do as I say.
I'm the long awaited Messiah,
And I'll lead you to the future land,
With plastic law and order,
All the way..

A Plastic Messiah,
Everybody's friend.
A Plastic Messiah,
Will put an end.
To all the troubles,
In the world today.
If you vote for him,
It'll be okey..

I'll sort out all the criminals,
With my plastic detector machine.
And the weak ones I'm afraid,
Must go as well.
People who sing and dance and play,
And critize my Plastic Truth.
They won't be tolerated,
They'll be sent to hell.

By the Plastic Messiah..

It may sound inhuman
Doing all these things to you
But we can't go on
With everybody running wild
So we have to clean it up a little
Make one big plastic rule, for you to
Follow, my little lovely human child

A Plastic Messiah...

No sex-life will be allowed
'Cause we must end this life in sin
I'll watch you from my TV
If you try
So work hard all day and night
In the plastic factory and you'll
Have a plastic medal when you die

From the Plastic Messiah...
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Plastic Messiah Lyrics

Robert Broberg – Plastic Messiah Lyrics