I come to town my work is done
Well I just got off the road
It's a long time since I been
With someone
I called this lady so divine
I asked her and I asked her
If she'd like to come out sometime

We talked about some movie
And we laughed at ourselves
She had a way about her
Like no one else

But I could see clouds
When I looked in her eyes
And if she's somebody else's
She's not mine

When I left town my heart was on fire
I was New York bound
She left me so inspired
I wanted to reach her and I made a choice
But talking on the phone
I heard the distance in her voice

I want to take her over
Way across the Sea
I want to bring her over
To visit me

But maybe she thinks
I'm the fugitive kind
And if she's somedody else's
She's not mine

I wanted to hold her
One more time
But if she's somebody else's
She's not mine
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She's Not Mine Lyrics

Robbie Robertson – She's Not Mine Lyrics

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